Anthracite is a select coal, mined and processed for use in water filtration.

Birm® is a granular filter media commonly used for the reduction of iron and/or manganese from water supplies.

Calcite® is a crushed screened white marble media which can inexpensively be used to neutralize acidic or low pH waters to a ne

Corosex® and Corosex II is a specially processed hard, bead-like magnesia, adapted for use in filters to neutralize acidity by

Filter Sand and Gravel - Highly spherical shape and uniform grading provide our Filter Sand and Gravel with reliable performanc

Filter-Ag® is a non-hydrous silicon dioxide media which can be used as highly efficient filter media for the reduction of suspe

Garnet is a high hardness, high density granular filter media. It is normally used as the lower (final) filtration of a multi-m

Manganese Greensand® is capable of reducing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from water through oxidation and filtration.

MTM® is used for reducing iron, maganese and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies.

Pyrolox® is a mined ore and it effectively reduces iron, sulfur and manganese from problem water.

H2S: Revolutionary Nanotechnology Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Media

KDF 55 & 85 Granules are designed for removing or reducing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals. They are also used for cont

Next FeMn High Performance Nanotechnology Iron & Magnesium Removal Media

Next Sand is based on a rare natural mineral that is highly processed and graded.