TrojanUVMax F - Model F treats up to 56 gpm (212 lpm)
TrojanUVMax F


Model F treats up to 56 gpm (212 lpm)

Advanced Lamp Technology
Low pressure high-output lamp technology provides higher UV output for better disinfection in a system approximately half the size of conventional systems - saving space and making installation simpler

User Interface
Elapsed time meter tells you how long the lamp has been in service. A service reminder lets you know when the lamp needs to be changed
Audio and visual alarms tell you if there is a problem with the operation of the unit
The LED readout also provides a diagnostic output that tells the user what the source of the failure is
An optional UV monitor continuously monitors the amount of UV making it through the water and notifies you if disinfection is not being assured

Lamp/Sleeve Combination
Lamp and sleeve are removed without the use of any tools
Lamp and sleeve remove from the reactor chamber as one piece ensuring you are aware of any build up of minerals on the sleeve that may interfere with the proper UV dose being delivered to the water

Auto-ranging Electronic Power Supply
More energy efficient
Withstands fluctuations in voltage that can cause low UV output and damage to the lamp
Automatically adjusts to the input voltage and frequency to allow use of multiple global power grids

Optional Shut-off Valve and Remote Alarm
Shut-off valve stops water flow when disinfection is not assured
Remote alarm allows for notification of alarm conditions at a location remote from the system

Snap-on Safety Cap
Prevents the harness from accidentally being disconnected
Ensures that the lamp is disconnected before it is removed from the reactor chamber to prevent damage to eyes and skin from the UV light


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