No one company can truly specialize in every technolgy required to engineer and produce the dynamic and quality water treatment and purification line that we offer you. To do so, one must partner with other companies that specialize in the different technologies that are brought together to give you this excellent Performance. Here are some of our partners that help make it all look so easy:

Fleck Controls is a designer and manufacturer of controls for water softener applications. Take a look at their latest developments at

Systematix is a water softener media specialist. They offer enineering support for determining the appropriate media for special applications. You can find them at

Clack Corporations is a diversified water purification components company that includes blow molding, filter cartridges and filter media as part of their offering. Learn more about their dynamic history at

Pentair Water Treatment / Structural is the world's leading manufacturer of light weight and durable composite pressure vessels. Learn more about their technologies at